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Mishawaka Full Day

FULL-DAY - Our Guides’ Favorite Trip!

Class II, III, and IV Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

A true full-day, very few whitewater adventures in Colorado can match this amount of whitewater!

This river adventure is like the Poudre Plunge, but with more rapids and an amazing, less frequently run upper stretch. At lunch the guides switch from rafting experts to chefs, serving a gourmet, deli-style lunch that is sure to satisfy vegetarians and carnivores alike. We pack enough food for everybody’s appetite. Like the Plunge, if you are looking for a truly wild experience, book your trip during June’s high water. Meeting time is 9:00 am.

Cost: $109.00 book online now

plunge rapids

Grandpa's Gorge: Class IV- Be ready to paddle hard on the first major rapid of this run. Grandpa's bridge marks the start of this long, twisting rapid. The rapid is run down the center of a small gorge within the Poudre canyon, dotted with waves, holes and impressive scenery. Foo-Fang-Falls: Class IV More fun than its name would suggest, this is a short, thrilling drop. Paddlers cannot see this six-foot drop into a rooster-tail wave until approaching the horizon of the rapid, making for a suspenseful ride. Double Drop: Class IV This is the last large rapid on the morning section of this trip. Also known as Hole 99, this rapid boasts an action-packed run at the top and a steep, splashy, drop at the bottom. Guide Hole: Class III Paddle hard through this large wave-hole! The rapid is called Guide Hole because your guide may get flung to the front of the raft during a good run down the middle. Roller Coaster: Class III This large wave train gives boaters the up and down feeling of riding a roller coaster. Always a favorite, this rapid is one of the last on this run.