Rafting Trips


HALF DAY & FULL DAY - Beginner, intermediate & advanced lessons!

All kayak lessons have a maximum of six students per instructor and 12 students per class. All participants are required to have their own kayaking equipment. Mountain Whitewater Descents does not outfit individual paddlers with kayaking equipment for the lessons. Availability is limited due to instructor schedules.

Here are all of the kayak classes and/or guided kayak trips that we offer:

Roll Class on the Cache la Poudre River

Kayak Roll Class

Classes every Monday throughout the summer season. Most beginner roll classes take place at McMurry Pond, however, roll classes for paddlers with some experience may be held on the Cache la Poudre River. Reservations are required in advance for all roll classes and equipment is provided.

Cost: $50 for 3 hour lesson or $75.00 for a 3 hour private lesson


Intermediate River Lesson on the Poudre

Intermediate River Lessons

Class III-IV whitewater on the Cache la Poudre River. This class focuses on helping an intermediate paddler progress their skill set to become more confident on the river.

The lesson teaches paddling techniques & beginning freestyle moves. Advanced and freestyle lessons are available upon request. Reservations are required.

Cost: $95


Novice River Excursion on the Poudre

Novice River Excursion

Class II-III whitewater on the Cache la Poudre River. This excursion is on the Filter Plant section of the Cache la Poudre River and is designed to provide on-river instruction for experienced beginner.

The class will cover topics like proper paddle strokes, reading water and currents, eddies and tips on rolling.

Cost: $79


Kayak lessons on the Cache la Poudre

Never-Ever River Extravaganza

Class II-III whitewater on the Cache la Poudre River. The course consists of classroom & pond lessons in the morning of the first day. On-river paddling on the Filter Plant section in the afternoon and all day the second day (for the two-day class).

Cost: $150 full day

Cost: $300 two-day


Basic itinerary for a full-day, beginner kayak lesson:

9am – Check-in

9:30am – Intro to Kayaking Equipment & Fitting Equipment at MWD

10am – Go to McMurray Pond

  1. Wet Exits
  2. Forward Strokes
  3. Bracing Strokes
  4. Sweep Strokes
  5. Paddling Drills

11:30am – Lunch

12:30 – Meet back @ MWD and drive to the river

1:20 – 1:50 pm – Put-on the river

  1. River Anatomy
  2. Eddy Work Out Drills (Peel out, turns & catching eddies)
  3. Run Filter Plant Section
  4. Catch Eddies
  5. Ferry Angles and Ferries
  6. Peel Outs
  7. Reading River Features
  8. Possibility take second run on the Filter Plant Section

5:00 pm – Take-out and finish for the day